Eco-Friendly choices


Water is one of the planet’s most precious resources. This is why it is very important to use it wisely and without wasting it. To do this we have installed faucets with timed in the whole camping area with push button metering faucets so as to ensure controlled use.

Another measure aimed at fighting waste consists in our use of non-drinking water wells for irrigating the green areas of the camping grounds, while the hedges, bushes and flower beds are watered with the same well water through a drip irrigation system.


Another important goal at Campeggio delle Gorette consists in saving energy.

In order to make everyone aware of this important issue, we have decided to send a strong message using energy-conscious energy measures.

To do this we have considerably upgraded the camping grounds as follows:

  • We have fitted all of the camping’s lavatories with solar panels that supply hot water
  • We have installed LED and/or low energy consumption light bulbsregulated by timers or by twilight switches.
  • We have reduced to zero the CO2emissions of our staff members by providing them with bicycles and battery-driven golf carts for their work.


Protection of the environment is an extremely important and central theme that we perceive as a lifestyle in our Camping Grounds located at the edge of a beautiful Mediterranean pine wood and very close to the sea. This is why we constantly strive to make our guests aware of the importance of separate waste collection using information material as well as the 4 recycling points inside our structure where it is possible to dispose of waste in an eco-friendly manner.

Campeggio delle Gorette also boasts a very special water treatment system based on osmosis, installed so as to allow us to supply drinking water for free via the water dispensers distributed throughout the grounds.


In a natural environment such as that of our Camping Grounds, close to the sea and to the pine wood, the fact that there are mosquitos is not surprising. To prevent and avoid the inconvenience of having these bothersome insects around, we use two different control systems: a preventive one implemented throughout the winter and a periodic one in summer. Both are based on low environmental impact treatments.

In addition to these treatments applied by humans, the abundance of local fauna, such as swallows and insect-eating birds, help us and protect us by feeding off the mosquitos.

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